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Christine Dyrnes Free Download

Hi all!
Download the free online digital background.
Hope you like it :)

Over 360 people have now downloaded this photo. My phone has been very busy :) When the image is downloaded a total of 400 times, Will the digital background increase in price.
There will still always be a sale on this digital background.
The price will then be 20 NOK, it is equivalent to $ 2.49

It is still very cheap!

I wish that all photographers should have the opportunity to try out this digital background. It is really nice and easy to work with.

Free Digital Download 

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  • Livier Andrade on

    How can I use

  • Isma Digital Photo on

    Hi :) The image has been downloaded a total of 400 times now, the digital background has now increase in price. You can still download and the price is reduced.

  • nikki on

    Link doesn’t work, have tried 6 times??

  • Isma Digital Photo on

    Hi :)
    You must add product to cart. Just follow the instructions. Nothing will be charged. You can see this when you go to check out. Please contact contact me again, if you run into any problems

  • Andrea Schober on

    hallo, Thank you for the free digital background

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