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I'm happy to receive feedback from you. It is important that you are satisfied with your digital backgrounds. This is important to me, an by leaving feedback you can help me improve and develop new backgrounds

I'm also open for your wishes. What kind of motive do you want in a digital background? I can take a challenge and design what you want.

I also work as a photographer. And I ask myself, what kind of digital background do I want to purchase if I was a customer? I started too explore this and I figured out that I prefer to get a psd fil with all the layers. In that way I have more freedom to edit the image myself. And also I get the quality that I stand for as a photographer.

If you want you can join the facebook group. Here you can post your edited image. I'm will be happy to see your edited picture.

In my Etsy web shop you can find a lot of reviews and feedback. 


You can also write your feedback here.

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