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1. Open your baby picture and the digital background in PS. Before transferring the picture you can customize the color nuances etc. on the baby photo so that it will be more similar to the digital background. Of course you can also adjust this afterwards if you prefer.

2.  Drag the baby image on the digital background using the move tool.

3. Adjust the baby picture in the correct size in relation to the digital background. Mark the move tool and drag the corner of the image to increase or decrease the size of your baby photo.

4. We’re now going to continue working on the layer "Baby image" fThe next step is to add a layer mask. This is easily done by pressing the icon "add layer mask"

5. Now we’ve created a layer mask on the baby photo. You can now paint on the layer mask that you have created with a brush. Select a brush and set your foreground colour to black. Painting with black will remove areas of the babyimage. If you remove to mutch change the foreground colour to white and paint the areas you want to bring back