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Editing services on digital backdrops

1. Send an email to:

Tell me witch digital background you want, and be sure to send the picture that you want to edit into the digital background. Look at all digital backgrounds

Note: Not all baby pictures are suitable to be edited into the digital background. This has to do with your child position in the photo and the image quality etc. I have to see if your picture is suitable for the digital background, before you can buy an editing service.

2. Purchases of digital background and editing service

You have to buy a digital background in addition to get editing service. Once you have received an email from me that says that we are good to go- and your photo is suitable to work with, you can buy an editing service and the digital background

When I have finished the editing, you will receive another email with a direct link to your download. Your image is in PSD and jpg format.

If you have any questions, please contact me!